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The Graveyard Book
The Graveyard Book
by Neil Gaiman
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The Graveyard Book Compassion and Forgiveness Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

“You’re missing the point, I’m afraid. You two need to stop this. Stop behaving like other people don’t matter. Stop hurting people.” (6.132)

Bod tries to get the school bullies to have a little compassion for others. When they won’t, he scares them into giving in.  We’re not sure that’s the best way for Bod to use his own compassion, but oh well.  You have to start somewhere.

Quote #5

The noise got louder – a scuttling sort of scuffling noise – and while Nick Farthing had no idea what it was, he was utterly, completely certain that whatever it would turn out to be would be the most scary terrible thing he ever – would ever – encounter. (6.214)

We know that Scarlett doesn’t approve of Bod feeding Jack Frost to the Sleer. Would she approve of Bod going into Nick’s dream in this way? Do you approve?

Quote #6

She said, “You aren’t a person. People don’t behave like you. You’re as bad as he was. You’re a monster.” (7.772)

With her strong comment, Scarlett makes readers ask themselves if Bod could have handled Jack Frost in a less cruel, way more forgiving way.

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