Great Expectations
Great Expectations
by Charles Dickens

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Great Expectations Chapter 13 Quotes Page 1

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Quote 1

With which he took them out, and gave them, not to Miss Havisham, but to me. I am afraid I was ashamed of the dear good fellow—I know I was ashamed of him—when I saw that Estella stood at the back of Miss Havisham's chair, and that her eyes laughed mischievously. (13.18)

As any kid can tell you, realizing that your parents are embarrassing is definitely the end of one kind of innocence.

Quote 2

Finally, I remember that when I got into my little bedroom I was truly wretched, and had a strong conviction on me that I should never like Joe's trade. I had liked it once, but once was not now. (13.69)

Satis House is no Garden of Eden, and Estella gave Pip bread and water instead of the fruit of knowledge, but he definitely feels like he's been cast out of something.

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