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Great Expectations

Great Expectations


by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations Chapter 18 Quotes

How we cite the quotes:

Mr. Jaggers > Pip

Quote 1

"It is considered that you must be better educated, in accordance with your altered position, and that you will be alive to the importance and necessity of at once entering on that advantage." (18.63)

Apparently, certain kinds of education (most likely involving dead languages) are more valuable than others (like how to work a forge). Interestingly, we never get to see Pip "learning" in London, though apparently, he's at it all the time.

Mr. Jaggers > Pip

Quote 2

"First," said Mr. Jaggers, "you should have some new clothes to come in, and they should not be working clothes. Say this day week. You'll want some money. Shall I leave you twenty guineas?" (18.83)

In telling Pip to get rid of the working clothes look, Jaggers indirectly insults Joe and indicates that Pip won't be associating with the working classes anymore. Money divides people: this seems to be first time that Pip and Joe won't look like each other.

"But if you think as Money can make compensation to me for the loss of the little child—what come to the forge—and ever the best of friends!—" (18.92)

Jaggers assumes that everyone has a price, but he's wrong: Joe doesn't. (Or, at least Joe doesn't put a price on Pip.) Jaggers seems unaware that relationships exist that are stronger than money. Well, that's what he gets for living in the big, bad city.

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