Great Expectations
Great Expectations
by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations Chapter 40 Quotes Page 1

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Quote 1

"Not a particle of evidence, Pip," said Mr. Jaggers, shaking his head and gathering up his skirts. "Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There's no better rule." (40.92)

Mr. Jaggers may like to know the truth—but only so he can disguise and massage it by, say, dressing it up in a frilly outfit so it looks weak and non-murderous. (Ahem, Molly.)

Quote 2

To my thinking, there was something in him that made it hopeless to attempt to disguise him. (40.107)

Once a thief, always a thief: Magwitch might think he's being oh-so-clever by taking a new name and dressing up in nice linen, but he just screams "common criminal." You can't make a gentleman out of him. Is Pip the same way? Is there always something a little blacksmith-y about him?

Quote 3

I cautioned him that I must hear no more of that; that he was not at all likely to obtain a pardon; that he was expatriated for the term of his natural life; and that his presenting himself in this country would be an act of felony, rendering him liable to the extreme penalty of the law. (40.96)

Jaggers, who is a beacon of truth and lawfulness, lays out very clearly the reasons why Magwitch should not return to England. And the way he phrases it, we have to agree: Magwitch should definitely not ever return to England. The problem? The legal system is broken. Why should Magwitch have to obey a corrupt system?

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