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Great Expectations

Great Expectations


by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations Joe Gargery Quotes

Joe Gargery > Pip

Quote 1

"But I did mind you, Pip," he returned, with tender simplicity. "When I offered to your sister to keep company, and to be asked in church at such times as she was willing and ready to come to the forge, I said to her, 'And bring the poor little child. God bless the poor little child,' I said to your sister, 'there's room for him at the forge!'" (7.3)

All this talk about Mrs. Joe being a superhero and bringing Pip up "by hand" is just plain silly. Joe saved Pip. If Joe hadn't intervened, he might have ended up like Magwitch, stealing turnips. In fact, maybe that's the only difference between him and Magwitch—Pip had a friend.

Joe Gargery > Pip

Quote 2

"Which dear old Pip, old chap," said Joe, "you and me was ever friends. And when you're well enough to go out for a ride—what larks!" (57.19)

Talk about unconditional love. Joe nurses Pip back to health, pays off his debts, and even apologizes to Pip for never having being able to keep Mrs. Joe from beating him. But Joe still knows things have changed. Those rides? They're never going to happen.

"But if you think as Money can make compensation to me for the loss of the little child—what come to the forge—and ever the best of friends!—" (18.92)

Jaggers assumes that everyone has a price, but he's wrong: Joe doesn't. (Or, at least Joe doesn't put a price on Pip.) Jaggers seems unaware that relationships exist that are stronger than money. Well, that's what he gets for living in the big, bad city.