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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Daisy Buchanan Timeline and Summary

  • Nick Carraway goes to visit his second cousin Daisy and her husband Tom.
  • We learn of Daisy’s history from Jordan.
  • Potentially, Daisy never wanted to marry Tom. Either that or she just had some intense wedding jitters.
  • Nick arranges for Daisy and Gatsby to meet.
  • Daisy is overwhelmed by Gatsby’s devotion to her and they begin a love affair.
  • Daisy attends one of Gatsby’s parties with her husband.
  • Daisy hangs out with Tom, Gatsby, Jordan, and her husband on the hottest day ever.
  • They all go into the city.
  • Daisy finds herself in the middle of a fight between her husband, Tom and Gatsby. She cannot bring herself to say she never loved Tom.
  • Daisy is driving Jay Gatsby’s car (according to Gatsby) when she hits Myrtle Wilson, Tom’s mistress, killing her instantly. The accident occurs in front of George Wilson’s gas station and the home he shares with his wife Myrtle.
  • It seems that Daisy and Tom conspire together to make Gatsby the guilty party for the accident.
  • Daisy and Tom disappear.