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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

George Wilson Timeline and Summary

  • George is introduced as the ignorant husband of Tom’s mistress.
  • When Nick and Tom fill up with gas on the way to the city, they chat with George and he asks Tom if he will sell his car to him so he can fix it up and sell it for more money.
  • George realizes his wife is having an affair.
  • Tom and Nick and Jordan stop by again on their way into the city one day (the day Tom confronts Daisy and Gatsby) and he looks like a sick, broken man.
  • After Myrtle is hit and killed, George sinks into a severe depression and grief.
  • He reveals to Michaelis that, before his wife died, he warned her that God was always watching.
  • According to Michaelis, Wilson fixated on the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg for a long time after.
  • George Wilson seeks the name and identity of the person driving the car that struck and killed his wife, thinking that it is also the man with whom she was having an affair.
  • Finding his way to West Egg, he kills Gatsby and then himself.
  • We find out later that it was Tom who gave Wilson Gatsby’s name.