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The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby Resources


Hear Them Roar

Check out the website for Jazz, Ken Burns doing what he does best.


An e-book! Download it to your computer for those late night Fitzgerald cravings. (What, just us?)

Glam It Up

Going to any 1920s costume parties? Be sure to check out this brief fashion guide.

Now the Eyes

And don't forget to make sure that your makeup is right.

Movie or TV Productions

Golden Couple

This 1974 version starts Robert Redford and Mia Farrow

Hip-Hop and the Hamptons

They didn't even need to change the setting much for this 2002 adaptation.


An Inside Peek

Check out these truly awesome letters, to and from Fitzgerald. A sneak preview: "Since I last saw you I've tried to get married and then tried to drink myself to death but foiled … I have returned to literature."

Great Graphics!

Writer and illustrator Nicki Greenberg retells The Great Gatsby in her 2008 graphic novel – but instead of using human figures for the characters, she turns them into sea-alien creatures. Guess the rich really are different.


Great Scott!

Check out the first installment of this A&E Fitzgerald biography. Warning: it doesn't have a happy ending.

Get the Moves

And finally, make sure you know all the latest dances.


Are Those T.J.'s Eyes We See Before Us?

Well, probably not, since they look like a woman's. But they are yellow and looming on this classic book cover.

Golden Girl

Here's a picture of Daisy—we mean, Zelda Fitzgerald. Wonder what her voice sounded like?

Mia and Robert

In the 1974 version. And guess what colors they're wearing?

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