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Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham


by Dr. Seuss

Green Eggs and Ham Introduction

In A Nutshell

Preheat the oven!
Fire up the grill!
Get ready for snack time!
Prepare for a thrill!

You're hungry, you say?
You're craving a treat?
How 'bout green eggs
and a bite of green meat?

You know this story.
You've heard it before.
It's Green Eggs and Ham,
Dr. Seuss's, for sure.

It came out in '60,
an instant success.
And many Seuss readers
Will call it the best.

It's all about Sam
and a guy with no name
who learns to eat green stuff
without any shame.

An adventure, a journey,
and a whole lot of boats.
And it's just right for people
who hang out with goats.

Green Eggs was written
to make reading fun.
In just fifty words
Seuss gets the job done.

(That's right—just fifty!
No, not fifty-one.)

Pictures? It's got 'em
on every last page.
Seuss's colorful scenes
are still all the rage.


Why Should I Care?

You've got big dreams? You want your kids to read? Well, it'll cost you. And right here is where you start paying… in sweat.

Oh, sorry, you caught us watching old episodes of Fame while we work. Lucky for you—and here's your reason to care—Green Eggs and Ham won't cost you any sweat. Not even a drop.

Turns out Dr. Seuss did all the work for you. Eggs-quisitely illustrated (yeah, we went there), this roller coaster ride of a book has a vocabulary of fifty easy words, all set to a simple, fast-paced meter. It's practically guaranteed to make even the most intimidated, reluctant, blibbering readers swell with pride at their skills. And you don't have to do a thing. Just follow the exclamation points, and you're golden.

Why Your Kids Should Care

In Green Eggs and Ham, the kid gets to boss the grown-up around and tell him what to eat.


See, grown-ups have been goofing around with kids' diets for as long as there have been grown-ups and kids. It usually goes something like this. First, grown-ups hook kids on milk and milk-like products. Then, just when the kids get used to it, the grown-ups take it away and make them eat green stuff. Not cool, grown-ups.

In Seuss's world, the grown-up gets a taste of his own medicine. Next thing you know, your kids will be telling you what to eat. Get ready for chocolate milk and macaroni. Every. Single. Day.

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