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Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham


by Dr. Seuss

Green Eggs and Ham Lines 71-107 Summary

Train-ing Day

  • Pretending he has some measure of control over the situation, the big guy slams Sam with a barrage of negatives.
  • Just in time, Sam sees a train with one conductor and three passengers coming down the track. In this train, he seems to see a solution to the whole desperate situation. Hey, he's a smart kid.
  • As the big guy cringes in what looks like terror and horror, Sam grins madly and floors the dragster, propelling it off the tree and onto the train.
  • Frenzied, Sam asks, "Could you, would you,/ on a train?"
  • As the train heads into a tunnel (with the dragster, Sam, and company on top of it), the big guy reiterates his utter disgust for the dish in question.
  • We're starting to get the point.
  • In the dark tunnel, it occurs to Sam that the dish might be enjoyed in "the dark" (56, 57, 58). Why not?
  • When they exit the tunnel, it's raining. This presents a perfect opportunity for Sam to ask the big guy, "Would you, could you,/ in the rain?" (91-92).
  • The big guy sticks to his guns, though, refusing the dish again and again and again. And again.
  • But wait! There's one surprise left on this wacky train ride. That's right, exactly what you expected: a goat.
  • Maybe the goat will finally cinch the deal.
  • Nopers. The big guy won't eat green eggs and ham, even with a goat by his side. Snob.

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