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Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham


by Dr. Seuss

Green Eggs and Ham Lines 8-13 Summary

No Country for Old Hams 

  • Suddenly, Sam is back. This time he has a contraption that looks like a fishing pole. Sam reels out some kind of jointed hose with a big red hand on the end of it.
  • What's the big red hand holding? A platter of green eggs and ham, of course. "Do you like/ green eggs and ham?" (8-9) Sam asks the big guy.
  • He shoves the platter right up in the big guy's face.
  • This can't end well.
  • Sure enough, the big guy drops the papers he's reading (again).
  • When he stands up, Sam retracts the platter. The big guy refuses the platter, on the following grounds: "I do not like them,/ Sam-I-am./ I do not like/ green eggs and ham" (10-13).
  • Well put.

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