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Grimms' Fairy Tales

Grimms' Fairy Tales


by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Grimms' Fairy Tales Appearances Quotes

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Quote #7

Now, the king had a daughter who was just as beautiful as her dead mother, and she also had the same golden hair. When she was grown-up, the king looked at her one day and realized that her features were exactly the same as those of his dead wife. Suddenly he fell passionately in love with her and said to his councilors, "I'm going to marry my daughter, for she is the living image of my dead wife." (All Fur, 239)

(1) Creepy creepy creepy creepy. (2) Genetics in fairy tales seem to work, um, in interesting ways since people can grow up looking exactly like one parent. To be fair, it would be even creepier if she had, say, her dad's eyes.

Quote #8

The next morning Simpleton took the goose in his arm, set out, and did not bother himself about the three sisters who were stuck to the goose. They were compelled to run after him constantly, left and right, wherever his legs took him. In the middle of a field they came across the parson, and when he saw the procession, he said, "Shame on you, you naughty girls! Is that the right way to behave?" (The Golden Goose.237)

Sometimes appearances, whether truthful or deceptive, are just hilarious. It's a good reminder that in addition to their other social functions, fairy tales are meant to entertain.

Quote #9

The wedding day had been set, and the bride-to-be had already arrived, but because of her ugliness she had locked herself in her chamber and would not let anyone see her. (Maid Maleen.575)

Sucks to be ugly in a fairy tale. No seriously. It's really bad news.

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