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Grimms' Fairy Tales

Grimms' Fairy Tales


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

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Grimms' Fairy Tales Characters

Meet the Cast


Issues—We Have Them If your parents sold you to a sorceress for a handful of lettuce, you'd have issues too. Having zero social contact outside the tower probably isn't helping, either (and this...


Sweet as PieCinderella is so sweet she makes our teeth hurt. For real. This girl never cracks, never rages, never loses her cool. When her wicked stepsisters take away her nice clothes and make her...

Little Red Cap

Red is the Tastiest ColorLittle Red Cap is one adorable and loveable kid. Come on, if your grandma makes you a hat that you wear everywhere, that's gotta mean something, right? Well apparently, to...

Brier Rose

Mmm, DinnerImagine that you fate has been determined by fine dinnerware. Yes, dinnerware. The kind you eat dinner with. You may start to get an idea of why Brier Rose is such an interesting charact...

Hansel and Gretel

It's a Hard Knock LifeHansel and Gretel come as a package deal. When your mother wants to ditch you in the woods to avoid starvation (well, for her at least), you need to stick together. We don't l...

Snow White's Stepmother

Meet Mommy DearestYou may be wondering, who tries to kill their step-kid and is sick enough to want to eat her lungs and liver? If you think the answer is Snow White's stepmother, the wicked queen...

The Brave Little Tailor

He's Brave and He Knows ItWe're not sure if this guy is bravely stupid or stupidly brave, and neither is anyone else in the tale. But one thing is for sure: the brave little tailor has a healthy se...


Two ThumbsFor what it's worth, Thumbling is the star of two tales in the collection: "Thumbling" and "Thumbling's Travels." We're going to focus on his character in the first, because the two tales...

Miscellaneous Suitors and Would-Be Rescuers

These unnamed dudes populate the tales and serve to show how high the stakes are when it comes to rescuing the princess, accomplishing a difficult task for the princess's hand, and stuff like that....


Are They Ever Not Wicked?The answer is no, at least in these fairy tales. You will never find a stepmother who welcomes a new bride into the household and says, "I'm so glad you married my son. Let...

Mysterious Helpers

Helper figures in fairy tales have some serious mojo. What's that, you need a flying ship or magical apples? They've got it covered. You want a helping of backstory to go along with that? Sorry, yo...

False Brides and Unloving Sisters

Do you have a sister that you love? Be thankful that you're not in a fairy tale. While brother-sister relationships tend to be chill and supportive, sister-sister relationships are competitive beyo...
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