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Grimms' Fairy Tales
Grimms' Fairy Tales
by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
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Grimms' Fairy Tales Justice and Judgment Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

When she looked at him, she saw it was King Thrushbeard again, and he said to her in a friendly way, "Don't be afraid. I and the minstrel who lived with you in the wretched cottage are one and the same person. I disguised myself out of love for you, and I was also the hussar who rode over your pots and smashed them to pieces. I did all that to humble your proud spirit and to punish you for the insolent way you behaved toward me." (King Thrushbeard.180)

Gotta keep those women down so they don't get too proud. Hey, that's the Grimms' takeā€”not Shmoop's.

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