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Grimms' Fairy Tales

Grimms' Fairy Tales


by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Grimms' Fairy Tales Justice and Judgment Quotes

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Quote #1

She then told the king how the evil witch and her daughter had committed cruel crimes against her. So the king had them led before the court, and they received their sentences. The daughter was taken into the forest, where wild beasts tore her to pieces, while the witch was thrown into a fire and miserably burned to death. (Brother and Sister.42)

If you commit a crime in a fairy tale, for goodness' sake don't get caught. Maybe the punishments are so harsh because we're in fantasyland, and maybe because parents are trying to scare kids into behaving properly. Plus, kids can be a bloody-thirsty lot; maybe these bits were in there to appease the little savages.

Quote #2

Along the way, however, they were attacked by so many lizards and snakes that they could not protect themselves. The wicked girl was finally stung to death, and the mother was stung all over her feet for not having raised her daughter in a proper way. (Saint Joseph in the Forest.586)

If you are guilty of poor child-rearing practices, be prepared for some nasty animal bites. Oh, and watching one of your kids die.

Quote #3

The greedy king set out as fast as he could, and when he came to the river, he signaled the ferryman to take him across. The ferryman came and told him to get into the boat, and when they reached the other side, the ferryman put the pole into his hand and ran away. From then on the king was compelled to ferry people back and forth a punishment for his sins. (The Devil With the Three Golden Hairs.106)

Yeah, let's punish all the greedy people with eternal forced servitude. Hm, how many people would that leave in the world?

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