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Grimms' Fairy Tales

Grimms' Fairy Tales


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

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Grimms' Fairy Tales Loyalty Quotes

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Quote #1

Then Lena said to Foundling, "If you won't forsake me, I won't forsake you." "Never ever," said Foundling. (Foundling.175)

How sweet: the kids are bonding. In order to escape their cannibalistic cook. Like ya do.

Quote #2

Whenever he rejoined the shoemaker, he always had more in his knapsack than his companion, and the sullen shoemaker would look peevish and remark, "The bigger the fool, the greater his luck." But the tailor would only burst out laughing and begin singing. Whatever he earned, he would share with his companion. (The Two Travelers.354)

Aw, the tailor is a sweet guy and always shares things with his traveling buddy, the shoemaker. Which in return gets him…his eyes poked out. Which, in the end, gets the shoemaker killed. So be brotherly, bro, or else.

Quote #3

"If you ever should separate, stick this knife into a tree at the crossroad. Then if one of you comes back, he can see how his absent brother is doing, for the side of the blade facing the direction he took will rust if he's dying but stay bright as long as he's alive." (The Two Brothers.214)

It's nice when family members keep tabs on each other. Though, at that point, you might as well tag 'em with a GPS chip.

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