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Grimms' Fairy Tales

Grimms' Fairy Tales


by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Grimms' Fairy Tales Marriage Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Tale.Page)

Quote #7

"Could you tell me whether my bridegroom is here?" asked the bride. "Oh, you poor child!" the old woman answered. "Do you realize where you are? This is a murderers' den! You think you're a bride soon to be celebrating your wedding, but the only marriage you'll celebrate will be with death." (The Robber Bridegroom.143)

Because marriage is a safe and sacred institution, which nobody ever uses as an excuse to abuse people. Oh, and next time, filter out "cannibalism" on your online dating preferences, okay?

Quote #8

Just then the two sisters came in all dressed up in their best gowns, and when they saw that the handsome young man had chosen the youngest sister and had turned out to be Bearskin, they ran outside in rage and anger. One drowned herself in a well, the other hanged herself from a tree. (Bearskin.343)

Marriage drama – from before reality TV, even. This quote also reinforces the idea that every woman's life goal should be to marry, and the richer the spouse, the better.

Quote #9

So the marriage was celebrated, but the king's daughter was disturbed because her husband was a commoner who wore a shabby hat and an old knapsack on his back. She wanted very much to get rid of him and was constantly thinking of ways to do it. (The Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn.192)

This is why royalty should only ever marry royalty. Duh. Yet another example of fairy tales reinforcing social stereotypes.

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