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Grimms' Fairy Tales

Grimms' Fairy Tales


by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

Grimms' Fairy Tales Transformation Quotes

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Quote #1

The king had never seen a flower as beautiful as that. His son then said to him, "Now I'll show her to you in her true form," and he wished the flower to become a maiden. All at once she was there and so beautiful that no painter could ever have made her look more beautiful. (The Pink Flower.264)

It is kind of cool when your boyfriend can transform you into a flower for safekeeping. Oh wait. It's creepy.

Quote #2

Marlene went to her dresser and took out her best silk neckerchief from the bottom drawer, gathered all the bones from beneath the table, tied them up in her silk kerchief, and carried them outside the door. There she wept bitter tears and laid the bones beneath the juniper tree. […] Then a beautiful bird flew out of the fire and began singing magnificently. […] Marlene was very happy and gay. It was as if her brother were still alive. (The Juniper Tree.160-161)

We sure hope someone gathers our bones and puts them under a juniper tree when we die. This tale gives a tantalizing glimpse of life after death, as accomplished through multiple transformations.

Quote #3

When they came to the third spring, the sister heard the babbling of the spring. "Whoever drinks of me will be turned into a deer. Whoever drinks of me will be turned into a deer." "Oh, brother!" the sister exclaimed. "Please don't drink, or else you'll be turned into a deer and run away from me." But the brother, who was already kneeling at the spring, leaned over and drank some of the water. Immediately after a few drops had touched his lips, he lay there in the form of a fawn. (Brother and Sister.39)

Whoops. Curse those tricksy talking transformation springs. Although, this one does show how nature is often helpful when someone enters the wilderness with good intentions. The spring couldn't help being cursed, but it did warn the kids what would happen. The boy just wasn't paying attention. Silly kid.

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