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Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi


by Woody Guthrie

Video & Audio

"Do Re Mi" (1944)

The recording of the song from the famous Asch recording sessions, recorded a few years after Dust Bowl Ballads.

"Do Re Mi" Ani DiFranco version (2000)

A dramatic but compelling cover by a more recent folk icon, and the only cover we know of sung by a woman.

Woody Guthrie: "Dust Bowl Blues" (1940)

The music from Dust Bowl Ballads plus great footage from the Depression era.

Woody Guthrie: "Talking Dust Bowl Blues" (1937)

Another great track from the album, complete with a DIY music video. If you were ever confused about what a "jalopy" is while reading Grapes of Wrath, check this one out.

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