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Hades (Pluto)'s Wall


Can't wait for my little Sephy Bear to get back down to the world of the dead.


Um, yeah, me not so much.

I've given you everything. I made you a queen!!


You could've asked first!

Wondering why I got stuck with the underworld, when my brothers got the sea and sky.

Stop whining like a little nymph. We drew lots fare and square.

Sucks for you, bro!

I hate my family.


Pookie, can I borrow your Helm of Darkness for a just a bit?

I'm a little bit naïve – I'll admit – but I'm not dumb.


Oh, jeez. If you can't trust your wife, who can you trust?

Darling, I don't trust anyone with my Helm of Darkness.

Lady Pheme

Hi, Lord Hades! Wondering if I could do a piece on the renovations to the underworld? The Wake Up Olympus viewers are DYING to see what you've done with the place.

Contact my trusty assistant, Cerberus.

Lady Pheme


Hey Hades, did you see The New York Times? "Pluto is Demoted to a Dwarf Planet"

Shut up.

Neptune is still a real planet.

Shut up.

Jupiter is too. Heck, Hades, even Hermes's little Mercury is a planet.

I hate brothers.


Lord Hades, can you please help me seek revenge on my awful husband, Agamemnon (commander of the Greek forces)? He sacrificed our beautiful daughter Iphigenia to the gods in the hopes of getting better winds.  I want him dead.

Absolutely.  Let's Skype.  Contact Cerberus to get on my calendar.


Thank you, Lord Hades.


Are you being good to my daughter?  I’m watching you, Hades.

Demeter, I’m the son-in-law of your dreams.  Why don’t you come spend some time in the underworld? I’ll show you just how fun it can be. Sephy Bear really fits in here.


Just make sure she’s back in time for spring, or I’ll make sure those Pomegranate trees wither up and die.

How’s my favorite little monster man?  Do you have any new jewels for me? <3

Maybe.  Why don’t you come see for yourself?

WISH I could, but I’m soooo busy.  Just ship them via Hermes Express.  Address:  Temple of Aphrodite.  Kisses!  ;)

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