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by William Shakespeare

Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Act 1, Scene 1


1. At what time of night does the play open?
2. Why do the sentinels ask Horatio to join them during the watch?
3. What does Bernardo notice the ghost looks like?
According to Horatio, what is the reason for the sentinels’ night watch?
5.  The ghost is “about to speak” when what happens?
6. What weird thing has been happening in Denmark lately?
7. Who did the former king Hamlet beat in a bet?


1. Midnight
2. because he doesn’t believe that they’ve seen an “apparition”
3. “the King that’s dead”
4. young Fortinbras of Norway wants to reclaim the lands his father lost to the former King Hamlet
5. the cock crows
6. We don't really know, but it seems like people/guards have been seeing ghosts.
7. The King of Norway