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The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale


by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid's Tale Resources


Atwood's Homepage

Learn more about the author at her official website.


Quiz yourself on your knowledge of The Handmaid's Tale here.


Get insight into Atwood's work on her personal blog.

Movie or TV Productions

The Handmaid's Tale

This 1990 feature film stars the late Natasha Richardson as the narrator.

Movie Review

Janet Maslin reviews the film for the New York Times.

Historical Documents

1986 Review in Time Magazine

Check out this thoughtful review by Paul Gray.

New York Times Review

Check out this 1986 review by Mary McCarthy. She wasn't the biggest fan.

Atwood Talks

An interview with Atwood by Mervyn Rothstein following the book's publication.

Atwood on Science Fiction

Read about how Atwood distinguishes between speculative fiction and science fiction.


Movie Trailer

Watch the trailer for the 1990 movie.

Interview with Natasha Richardson

A short interview with Richardson about playing the narrator in the 1990 movie.

Forbidden Fruit Reading

Listen to Sarah Clarke read aloud from the beginning of the book.


Atwood talks about religion in her work.


Book Cover

Check out this Virago Press cover of the book.

First Edition Cover

Another version of the cover by Tad Aronowcz and Gail Geltner.

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