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The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World

The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World


by Gabriel García Márquez

The Women Timeline and Summary

  • The women, fascinated with the drowned man's size and beauty, decide to sew him some clothes, since none of their men's will fit him.
  • Using vribant linen and a sail they fashion him a shirt and pants. While they sit sewing, they feel that their world is changing because of the drowned man.
  • They fantasize about the great power the drowned man would have had in their village, if he had lived there when he was alive.
  • The oldest woman decides that he is named Esteban, and the rest agree.
  • As the drowned man is dragged along the ground, the women realize how embarrassed he must have been of his body when he was alive.
  • They cry when they look at him, and realize how much he is like their own men.
  • The women are overjoyed when the men return from their trip and affirm that no other towns can claim the drowned man.
  • The women pull the handkerchief off the drowned man's face to show their men how beautiful he is.
  • At the funeral, the women and the men are aware of the smallness of their village in comparison with the greatness of the drowned man.
  • They vow that, from now on, they will work to make their village worthy of Esteban.