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Andersen's Fairy Tales

Andersen's Fairy Tales


by Andersen, Hans Christian

Andersen's Fairy Tales Appearances Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Tale Title.Paragraph)

Quote #1

The princess was riding by. She was so beautiful that anyone who looked at her forgot how wicked she was; and that's why everyone was now shouting, "Hurrah!" (The Traveling Companion.50)

This just goes to show that how you look and how you act aren't necessarily related. Just in case you've never, ever realized this before: hotness does not = awesomeness.

Quote #2

"But if you take my voice," said the little mermaid, "what will I have left?"

"Your beautiful body," said the witch. "Your graceful walk and your lovely eyes. Speak with them and you will be able to capture a human heart." (The Little Mermaid.67-68)

Is having some great curves and some sexy moves enough to make someone fall in love with you? The sea witch apparently thinks so. As we see in the tale, though, this "talk with your body" plan doesn't go so well for the little mermaid. She really coulda used that voice thingy to stand up for herself.

Quote #3

Many, many years ago there was an emperor who was so terribly fond of beautiful new clothes that he spent all his money on his attire. He did not care about his soldiers, or attending the theater, or even going for a drive in he park, unless it was to show off his new clothes. (The Emperor's New Clothes.1)

Sure, we all get a little obsessed with our appearances from time to time, but it seems like that's all this emperor ever thinks about. We have to wonder who's running the empire while this guy is, like, trying to decide whether to wear the cream coat or the eggshell colored one.

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