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Hapi Photos

Handsome Hapi
Here I am, looking good in nothing but a loincloth. [Hapi in Encyclopaedia Biblica, 1903]

Look at Me Go
I like to take snaky routes whenever I can. [Satellitenaufnahme des Niltals, NASA, January 28, 2007]

Me Waking Up
<strong>Yawwwwn! Another morning for fishing and swimming.</strong>
[The Nile, Gray Morning, Gebelain by Edwin Blashfield, 1886-1891]

How Tall Am I Now?
These folks are using a Nilometer to measure how deep I get. (Answer: pretty deep.) [The Nilometer on the Isle of Rhoda, Cairo by David Roberts, 1838]

My Patron
Here's Nun! He's the primeval waters I rose up from. Thanks, dude. [Book of the Dead. Detail 1]

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