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Hapi Sightings

  • The Prayers of Paheri 1501BC - 1401BC

    On his tomb wall, Paheri makes mention of the god of the eternal Nile. A servant to pharaohs, Paheri claims that he was as good at his job as Hapi was at getting the Nile to the Mediterranean Sea. Big claims, P!

  • Hymn to Hapi 2001BC - 1001BC

    Hapi gets his rightful praise in this ode to His Hapi-ness. The pharaoh is even called the "Son of Hapi," emphasizing the flood-master's importance to Egyptian society.

  • Nile God Statue Inscription 901BC - 801BC

    Even Libyan pharaohs knew how integral Hapi was to the survival of Egypt. King Sheshonq notes that Hapi is the "lord of foodstuffs" and creates all good things for people to eat—and drink—in his kingdom.

  • The Famine Stela 401BC - 301BC

    This stela describes just how Hapi does his job of bringing on the flood. When he wakes up from a long nap, he jumps up and makes the water flow. Here, he interacts with the ancient pharaoh Djoser to make sure Egypt gets enough liquid.

  • The Seventh Scroll by Wilbur Smith 1996BC

    This novel finds its modern characters deciphering ancient mysteries. Hapi pops up once or twice—as a clue to help old puzzles be solved.

  • The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan 2013BC

    This novel, by the author of the Percy Jackson series, brings Egyptian mythology to the modern day. Here, Hapi is a blue giant that's not too fond of a certain magician.

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