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Hard Times

Hard Times


by Charles Dickens

Hard Times: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who said, "Now, this schoolroom is a Nation. And in this nation, there are fifty millions of money. Isn't this a prosperous nation?"? -> Mr. M'Choakumchild
2. Who said, "I would advise you (since you ask me) to consider this question, as you have been accustomed to consider every other question, simply as one of tangible Fact."? -> Thomas Gradgrind
3. Who said, "I am going to take young Mr. Tom back to Coketown, in order to deliver him over to Mr. Bounderby. Sir, I have no doubt whatever that Mr. Bounderby will then promote me to young Mr. Tom's situation."? -> Rachael
4. Who said, "You learnt a great deal, Louisa, and so did your brother. Ologies of all kinds from morning to night. If there is any Ology left, of any description, that has not been worn to rags in this house, all I can say is, I hope I shall never hear its name"? -> Mrs. Gradgrind
5. Who dreamed "that he, and some one on whom his heart had long been set — but she was not Rachael, and that surprised him, even in the midst of his imaginary happiness — stood in the church being married."? -> Josiah Bounderby