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Harlem (Dream Deferred)

Harlem (Dream Deferred)


by Langston Hughes

Harlem (Dream Deferred) Choices Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (line)

Quote #4

Does it stink like rotten meat? (6)

Rotten meat stinks up the fridge when we don't eat it soon enough or when forget to throw it out, or it can stick up the kitchen when we forget to take the trash out. Choosing not to eat the meat soon enough will create a smelly situation later on. Choosing not to act on your dreams will lead to a sticky situation later on.

Quote #5

Or does it explode? (11)

Our speaker suggests that deferring dreams can be a dangerous enterprise. Do you feel like the verb "explode" could have a positive meaning too? The fact that this line is italicized makes us feel like it is a very special line, and it also makes us feel like our speaker is kind of excited about what he is saying here. Even though we know that bombs explode, we also think of fireworks exploding too.

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