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Best of the Web

Best of the Web


Voices and Visions

Watch a brief video set to "Harlem."

Just do it

Nike's ad featuring Sanya Richards, Danny Glover, and "Harlem."


On a Street in Harlem
A Picture of Harlem life during the Harlem Renaissance.


Selected Poems of Langston Hughes
An anthology of Langston Hughes's poems, assembled and edited by Langston Hughes.


Langston Hughes's Biography

Learn more about Langston Hughes through Poets.org.

Drop Me Off in Harlem

The Kennedy Center's Guide to the Harlem Renaissance.

The Music in Poetry

The Smithsonian's guide to finding music in poetry.

Walking Tour of Harlem

Take a look at Langston Hughes's Harlem.

A Guide to the Harlem Renaissance

The Library of Congress site dedicated to the Harlem Renaissance.

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