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Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron


by Kurt Vonnegut

Harrison Bergeron Resources


Money to Burn?

Are you hankering for ridiculously expensive Kurt Vonnegut merch? His website can serve your every need.

If You Only Like Looking at Pictures

Kurt Vonnegut wasn't just a fantastic author; he often included illustrations in his works, like a kids' book for adults.

Movies and TV

Two-Hundred-Thirteen Amendments to Rule Them All

The first feature-length "Harrison Bergeron" adaptation was a made-for-TV movie with an all-star cast: Howie Mandel. Eugene Levy. Sam the Hobbit. Hey, we didn't say they were the brightest stars in the celebrity galaxy.

2081 Came Earlier Than We Expected

2081 came out in 2009, and it's viewable online. Like the other film, it has a low-wattage cast, including Julie Hagerty, the stewardess from Airplane!

Still Longer Than the Short Story

In 2006, a 30-minute "Harrison Bergeron" was made. This one has a no-star cast, but received praise from Kurt Vonnegut himself.

Timbuktu and Bergeron, Too!

PBS produced a Vonnegut potpourri (mmm, flowery!) in 1972 with Between Time and Timbuktu, which included a "Harrison Bergeron" segment, among others.

Articles and Interviews

"Hooray for Our Team"

So is "Harrison Bergeron" a harsh criticism of the ills of socialism, or a satire of its most extreme critics? Vonnegut himself supported socialism. Read it yourself in this transcript of a speech Vonnegut gave, printed in Socialist Worker magazine.

It's Cold in Here

Some have suggested that "Harrison Bergeron" depicts an America mimicking the communist Soviet Union, whom America was engaged in the Cold War with. Or maybe it's simply anti-totalitarian. You can never have too many opinions, so check out this essay.

Welcome to Kurt's House

In 1973, Library Journal interviewed Vonnegut. Here's something totally unsurprising: Kurt Vonnegut likes libraries.

RIP, Kurt

The New York Times obituary for Kurt Vonnegut praises his "dark comic talent" and "urgent moral vision." Yep, we'd say that sums up "Harrison Bergeron" pretty well.


Let's Have a Movie Fest

This six-minute student film of "Harrison Bergeron" takes about as long to watch as it does to read the story. It's worth the time, but you should definitely read the story too.

H to tha -izzle Bizzle

Ever wanted to see "Harrison Bergeron" re-imagined with a gangsta flair and rockin' tunes? Now you can!


An Effective Audio Book

This student project adds his own sound effects to "Harrison Bergeron" creating a brand new experience. Does the story sound this way in your head?

"We Don't Wanna Live Inside These Minds"

Here's a fan-made theme song to "Harrison Bergeron" that's going to get stuck in your head. It's a thousand times better than having to listen to anything that comes out of George's handicap radio.


Halloween and Hardware

This illustration shows what Harrison might look like with all his handicaps on. We're not sure whether to laugh or be scared, which is kind of like our reaction to the story itself.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Here's the creepy cover of Welcome to the Monkey House, a collection containing "Harrison Bergeron." Thanks for the invitation, but we think we'll stay outside.

Kurt Vonnegut's Fantastic Faces

Here's a classic Vonnegut self-portrait/autograph combo. Not quite as subtle as Matt Groening's initials being part of Homer Simpson's head, but still very elegant.

In the Flesh

How does Vonnegut in real life compare to Vonnegut the cartoon? See for yourself.

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