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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


by J.K. Rowling

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Quotes

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Choices Quotes

"Harry Potter says he's not going back to school —""Dobby...please...""Say it, sir —""I can't —"Dobby gave him a tragic look."Then Dobby must do it, sir, for Harry Potter's own good."The pudd...

Fear Quotes

"You've forgotten the magic word," said Harry irritably.The effect of this simple sentence on the rest of the family was incredible: Dudley gasped and fell off his chair with a crash that shook the...

Friendship Quotes

As neither Dudley nor the hedge was in any way hurt, Aunt Petunia knew he hadn't really done magic, but he still had to duck as she aimed a heavy blow at his head with the soapy frying pan. Then sh...

Isolation Quotes

All Harry's spellbooks, his wand, robes, cauldron, and top-of-the-line Nimbus Two Thousand broomstick had been locked in a cupboard under the stairs by Uncle Vernon the instant Harry had come home....

Lies and Deceit Quotes

"Now, we should aim to get in a few good compliments at dinner. Petunia, any ideas?""Vernon tells me you're a wonderful golfer, Mr. Mason...Do tell me where you bought your dress, Mrs. Mason...""Pe...

Principles Quotes

"A house-elf must be set free, sir. And the family will never set Dobby free...Dobby will serve the family until he dies, sir..."Harry stared."And I thought I had it bad staying here for another fo...

Education Quotes

We have received intelligence that a Hover Charm was used at your place of residence this evening at twelve minutes past nine.As you know, underage wizards are not permitted to perform spells outsi...

Perseverance Quotes

"Petunia" roared Uncle Vernon. "He's getting away! HE'S GETTING AWAY!"But the Weasleys gave a gigantic tug and Harry's leg slid out of Uncle Vernon's grasp – Harry was in the car – he'd slammed...

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