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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 15 Summary

How It All Goes Down

The Quidditch Final

  • Hermione shows them Hagrid's note, which thanks Hermione for her help.
  • Harry and Ron are upset and the they finally make up and become friends with Hermione again.
  • They get to work on Buckbeak's appeal.
  • They talk with Hagrid just outside the castle and Hagrid starts crying.
  • Malfoy is there and starts making fun of Hagrid.
  • So Hermione marches up to him and slaps him.
  • Everyone is stunned and Malfoy stomps off.
  • Later that day, Hermione misses Charms class, and the boys find her asleep upstairs in Gryffindor Tower.
  • Hermione freaks out and rushes off to apologize to Professor Flitwick.
  • The boys can't figure out how in the world she forgot to go to Charms.
  • That afternoon they head to Divination and Hermione finally loses it over how stupid the class is.
  • She storms out in a huff, stunning everyone.
  • Trelawney says that she knew that was going to happen. Of course.
  • "Some day Hermione's having, eh? Ron muttered to Harry, looking awed" (15.2.76).
  • Easter break is filled with homework and stress over the upcoming Quidditch final.
  • The night before the match, Harry spies Crookshanks wandering around outside with a big black dog. Mysterious.
  • It's game day and the school is excited. It's like the World Cup and the Super Bowl rolled into one.
  • The match is a furious one, and the Slytherins play dirty.
  • Lee Jordan yells a lot during his commentary and emotions run very high.
  • The entire match hinges on Harry, who has to let Gryffindor rack up enough points before he gets the snitch, to ensure that his team wins the cup.
  • Harry and Malfoy race for the snitch and Harry grabs it at the last second.
  • Everyone freaks out and the entire team screams and cries and tackles Harry in a giant group hug.
  • Harry lifts up the Quidditch Cup alongside Wood and feels like he could make the best Patronus ever right now.

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