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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Chapter 22 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Owl Post Again

  • Harry and Hermione run like crazy to get back to the infirmary.
  • They hide as Fudge and Snape walk past, discussing Sirius's punishment.
  • Then they have to hide again when Peeves goes by.
  • With only three minutes left, they sprint and manage to arrive just as Dumbledore is exiting the infirmary.
  • Dumbledore beams when he hears about their success and he lets them back in the infirmary after he hears that the other Harry and Hermione have left.
  • And the time travel shenanigans come to an end.
  • Madam Pomfrey storms back in and Harry and Hermione quietly go back to bed.
  • Just when things quiet down, they hear Snape approaching in a rage, bellowing about how Potter has done something.
  • Fudge and Dumbledore try to calm Snape down but he's pretty much manic.
  • He finally storms out.
  • Fudge is stressed over Black escaping, but he agrees to remove the Dementors from Hogwarts immediately, given that they tried to perform the Kiss on a schoolboy.
  • Ron finally wakes up and asks what he missed.
  • Harry and Hermione just look at each other and Harry tells Hermione to explain.
  • The next day the three friends discuss their adventures and speculate as to where Sirius and Buckbeak are.
  • They go visit Hagrid, who's still thrilled about Buckbeak's escape.
  • But then he fills them in on some bad news: Snape told everyone that Lupin is a werewolf at breakfast and Lupin immediately resigned his post.
  • Harry rushes off to see Lupin before he goes.
  • The two talk and Lupin says that his leaving is the right thing to do. Lupin confessed everything to Dumbledore.
  • After Snape's "slip," no parent will want Lupin teaching their kids, unfortunately.
  • Before he leaves, Lupin gives Harry the Marauder's Map back.
  • Dumbledore comes in and Lupin leaves quickly.
  • So Harry and Dumbledore sit down to chat about everything.
  • Dumbledore is surprised to learn about Trelawney's other prediction, which he says brings her grand total to two now.
  • Two?? We're curious now.
  • Harry is upset that Peter got away, but Dumbledore says that sparing Peter was significant: "But trust me [...] the time may come that you will be very glad that you spared Pettigrew's life" (22.3.46).
  • Harry also tells Dumbledore about thinking he saw his dad and Dumbledore says that his dad lives on in him.
  • So the school year ends and everyone is still discussing that crazy Sirius Black.
  • Most kids are upset to learn that Professor Lupin is leaving.
  • Exam results come back and Harry, Ron, and Hermione passed everything and – surprise, surprise – Percy got top marks in his exams.
  • Hermione drops Muggle Studies so that she can have a normal schedule next year, and she returns her Time-Turner.
  • Ron still can't believe she kept it a secret all year.
  • The three board the train to head home and spend the trip talking.
  • Suddenly a tiny owl appears by the window of the train.
  • The owl brings a letter from Sirius, who says he's safe.
  • Sirius also says he sent Harry the Firebolt and that the owl is for Ron to keep, given what happened to his old pet.
  • Sirius also includes a statement that gives Harry permission to go to Hogsmeade on the weekends, which will be good enough for Dumbledore.
  • The gang arrive at King's Cross Station and Harry bids his friends good-bye.
  • Upon meeting Uncle Vernon again, Harry mentions that his escaped convict godfather just sent him a letter.
  • "And, grinning broadly at the look of horror on Uncle Vernon's face, Harry set off toward the station exit" (22.5.48).
  • Way to go, Harry.
  • And thus ends another normal year at Hogwarts.

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