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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


by J.K. Rowling

Compassion and Forgiveness Quotes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

How we cite our quotes: Chapter.Paragraph or Chapter.Section.Paragraph (depends on whether or not the chapter had sections - some did not)

Quote #1

"Poor Crookshanks, that witch said he'd been in there for ages, no one wanted him." (4.2.61)

Hermione's compassionate nature appears most clearly in her interactions with, and long-running defense of, poor unlovable Crookshanks (who turns out to be smarter than anyone else in the book – pretty cool). Don't judge a book by a its cover, or an ugly cat by its ugly face.

Quote #2

"Well, look at it logically," said Hermione, turning to the rest of the group. "I mean, Binky didn't even die today, did he? Lavender just got the news today – " Lavender wailed loudly "– and she can't have been dreading it, because it's come as a real shock –"

Don't mind Hermione, Lavender," said Ron loudly, "she doesn't think other people's pets matter very much." (8.2.21-2)

Hermione is super compassionate, but there's a definite flip-side to her personality: relentless logic. In the tradition of Agent Scully, Agent Brennan on Bones, and Christina Yang on Grey's Anatomy, Hermione is often so extremely logical that she becomes horribly unsympathetic. The detail about Lavender wailing in the midst of Hermione's spiel is really spot-on.

Quote #3

"Pettigrew [...] that fat little boy who was always tagging around after them at Hogwarts?" said Madam Rosmerta.

"Hero-worshipped Black and Potter," said Professor McGonagall. "Never quite in the same league, talent-wise. I was often rather sharp with him. You can imagine how I – how I regret that now [...]" She sounded as though she had a sudden head cold. (1067-8)

The details we learn about Pettigrew create a lot of sympathy for him among the trio, and among readers. Even the usually stern McGonagall is moved by the situation.

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