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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


by J.K. Rowling

Fear Quotes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

How we cite our quotes: Chapter.Paragraph or Chapter.Section.Paragraph (depends on whether or not the chapter had sections - some did not)

Quote #13

Pettigrew was muttering distractedly; Harry caught words like "far-fetched" and "lunacy" but he couldn't help paying more attention to the ashen color of Pettigrew's face and the way his eyes continued to dart towards the windows and the door. (19.112)

Peter's picture is probably next to "fear" in the dictionary. The details about his body language, his speech patterns, and the diction used to describe him, such as "ashen," create this ongoing portrait of fear.

Quote #14

Harry felt his knees hit the cold grass. Fog was clouding his eyes. With a huge effort, he fought to remember – Sirius was innocent – innocent – We'll be okay – I'm going to live with him –. (20.62)

The theme of fear is tied to the theme of memory here, with the idea that fear and other dark emotions can make you forget hopeful, positive things.

Quote #15

"An' now 'es out," said Stan, examining the newspaper picture of Black's gaunt face again. "Never been a breakout from Azkaban before, 'as there, Ern? Beats me 'ow 'e did it. Frightenin', eh? Mind I don't fancy 'is chances against them Azkaban guards, eh, Ern?"

Ernie suddenly shivered.

"Talk about summat else, Stan, there's a good lad. Them Azkaban guards give me the collywobbles." (3.79-81)

Stan is probably one of those people that have seen all of the Saw movies in theaters. He seems to relish the story about Black here, especially how frightening it all is. Contrast this to Ernie, meanwhile, who doesn't want to talk about Black and Azkaban precisely because they're frightening. People's reactions to fear can be as informative as what they fear.

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