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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Chapter 18 Summary

How It All Goes Down

The Weighing of the Wands

  • Hermione meets Harry the next morning and confirms that she believes him.
  • But Hermione also states the obvious: "[Ron's] jealous!" (18.13).
  • Harry can't believe it, and refuses to try and make amends with Ron.
  • Hermione tells Harry he has to write to Sirius to explain what's going on with the Triwizard Tournament.
  • Harry writes to his godfather: "I don't know if you've heard, but the Triwizard Tournament's happening this year and on Saturday night I got picked as a fourth champion" (18.31).
  • Harry can't explain why he's feeling so anxious, so he just closes the letter and sends it off to Sirius.
  • Harry's life in Hogwarts gets miserable: the Hufflepuffs give him the cold shoulder because they think he's stealing the spotlight from their boy Cedric.
  • Hagrid believes Harry, but he's still making him help with the skrewts: "No longer shell-less and colorless, they had developed a kind of thick, grayish, shiny army. They looked like a cross between giant scorpions and elongated crabs – but still without recognizable heads or eyes" (18.52).
  • Even the Ravenclaws think that Harry "had been desperate to earn himself a bit more fame by tricking the goblet into accepting his name" (18.57).
  • The Slytherins make a bunch of badges: "Support CEDRIC DIGGORY – The REAL Hogwarts Champion!" They also flash: "POTTER STINKS!" (18.64-5).
  • Harry gets into a fight with Malfoy (of course).
  • They both hit each other with a spell at the same time, so the spells ricochet instead.
  • Harry's Furnunculus curse makes Malfoy's friend Goyle sprout green boils.
  • And Malfoy's Densaugeo curse makes Hermione's front teeth grow and grow.
  • Professor Snape comes along and sends Goyle to the hospital wing.
  • But he also claims not to see any difference in Hermione's teeth.
  • And he takes fifty points from Gryffindor for Harry and Ron's protests.
  • Harry and Ron get detention together, to boot.
  • Harry starts fantasizing about cursing Snape with the Cruciatus Curse.

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  • Colin Creevey (a younger Gryffindor) comes into Harry's Potions class to bring Harry up to Ludo Bagman.
  • Apparently, the Daily Prophet is doing a story on the four Triwizard champions.
  • Ludo Bagman is sitting next to a witch in magenta robes.
  • Turns out, this is Rita Skeeter, the (rather terrible) reporter.
  • She wants to do a private interview with Harry "to add a bit of color" (18.122) to the article.
  • Rita Skeeter starts asking Harry some personal questions about how he entered the tournament and, of course, his past traumas.
  • As Harry tries to answer, Rita's quill keeps writing independently.
  • And it writes things that are absolutely not true: it reports that, "Tears fill those startlingly green eyes as our conversation turns to the parents he can barely remember" (18.154).
  • Harry protests: "I have NOT got tears in my eyes!" (18.155).
  • But Rita ignores him.
  • Professor Dumbledore interrupts their interview to announce that the Weighing of the Wands is about to begin.
  • Mr. Ollivander, the London wand maker, is waiting. He's going to confirm that all of the champions' wands are in good condition.
  • And indeed they are.
  • Then, the four champions pose for photographs.
  • Rita Skeeter seems to be particularly keen on putting Harry front and center in the photos.
  • When Harry gets back up to the dorm, Ron tells him he's had an owl.
  • Otherwise, Ron won't speak to him.
  • The owl has a letter from Sirius: Sirius wants to arrange a chat for the night of November 22nd.
  • He plans to come see Harry through the fire in the Gryffindor common room.
  • Sirius is anxious about Harry's safety.

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