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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter 30 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Fred and George's escape from Hogwarts becomes a legend within a week of its happening.
  • Professor Umbridge can't get rid of the swamp they made, so it becomes Filch's job to row students down the hallway to their classes.
  • A lot of students step up to prank in the absence of Fred and George.
  • They also use Skiving Snackboxes to get out of Professor Umbridge's class in huge groups.
  • It's not just the students who are revolting against Professor Umbridge; the teachers refuse to help her at all.
  • Hermione starts to worry about whether she should do something.
  • She's worried about where Fred and George got the money to start their joke shop – could they have done something illegal with Mundungus Fletcher?
  • Harry finally comes clean: he gave them the thousand Galleons in prize money that he won from the Triwizard Tournament last year.
  • Hearing that Fred and George haven't stolen anything, Hermione switches her worries.
  • Now, she's on about Harry's lack of Occlumency practice.
  • She asks, "You are trying to block your mind, aren't you? [...] You are keeping going with your Occlumency?" (30.45).
  • Harry doesn't want to admit that he is really curious about what is at the end of that long hall he keeps seeing in his dreams.
  • The final match of the Quidditch season is set to take place at the end of May, between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.
  • Ron seems to be feeling a bit better about his goalkeeping: "I mean, I can't get any worse, can I? [...] Nothing to lose now, is there?" (30.53).
  • As Harry and Hermione settle in to the stands to watch the Quidditch game, they hear a voice.
  • It's Hagrid, and he wants them to come with him right away while everyone else is distracted by the Quidditch game.
  • Hagrid brings them into the Forbidden Forest.
  • Hagrid brings his crossbow with him: they're going deeper into the forest than usual, and he can't trust the centaurs now that Firenze is gone.
  • Hagrid protected Firenze from the rest of the herd when they attacked him for working with Dumbledore.
  • So the centaurs aren't too happy with Hagrid, or with humans in general these days.
  • Before they get to their destination, Hagrid stops and explains: "Well, there's a good chance I'm goin' ter be gettin' the sack any day now" (30.111).
  • He's worried that, if he gets fired, there will be no one to look after ...
  • Hagrid brings them deeper into the forest, where they see a large figure lying on its side, sleeping.
  • It's Hagrid's giant half-brother, Grawp.
  • He is a full-blooded giant, the son of Hagrid's mother with another giant.
  • Even so, he's a runt by giant standards (only sixteen feet tall).
  • Because Grawp is small, he gets bullied by the other giants.
  • Hagrid felt that he couldn't leave his only brother there, to be injured by everyone else.
  • So, Hagrid brought Grawp home with him. That's why it took him two months to travel back to Hogwarts – because Grawp didn't want to come.
  • Hermione asks an excellent question: "What do you think you're going to do with a violent giant who doesn't even want to be here!" (30.154).
  • Hagrid claims that he's not violent – he just doesn't know his own strength!
  • Grawp can hunt just fine for himself, but if Hagrid gets sent away, he worries about what will happen to his brother without company.
  • So, Hagrid makes Harry and Hermione promise to come and keep Grawp company in the forest.
  • Then, Hagrid introduces Harry and Hermione to the now-awake Grawp.
  • Hagrid points to Hermione and says, "This is Hermy, Grawp! An' she's gonna be comin' an' all! Is'n' tha' nice? Eh? Two friends fer yeh ter – GRAWPY, NO!" (30.191).
  • Grawp tries to grab Hermione, but Harry manages to drag her behind a tree.
  • Hagrid takes Harry and Hermione back to the school.
  • But before they manage to leave the Forbidden Forest, the centaurs ambush Hagrid.
  • One of the centaurs, Magorian, warns Hagrid, "You ought not to have meddled, Hagrid [...] Our ways are not yours, nor are our laws. Firenze has betrayed and dishonored us" (30.208).
  • Hagrid disagrees with the idea that working for Albus Dumbledore could ever be a dishonor.
  • The centaurs also aren't too thrilled about having Grawp around, but Hagrid insists that it's Grawp's forest, too. He has as much of a right to it as the centaurs do.
  • Bane, an even more human-hating centaur than Magorian, keeps egging Magorian on to kill Hagrid, Hermione, and Harry.
  • Magorian refuses: "the slaughter of foals is a terrible crime – we do not touch the innocent" (30.218).
  • But he promises Hagrid that, if Hagrid comes back to the Forest in the future, it will be a different story.
  • Hermione pulls Hagrid away and they return to the Quidditch stands.
  • After Hagrid leaves, Hermione says, "I don't believe him. I really don't believe him [...] A giant! A giant in the Forest!" (30.234-6).
  • As they argue about what to do next, they overhear a crowd singing, "Weasley is our King!" (30.242).
  • Hermione thinks it's the Slytherins being nasty, as usual.
  • But then Harry and Hermione listen more closely.
  • It's the Gryffindors chanting, "Weasley is our King,/He didn't let the Quaffle in" (30.245).
  • Ron shouts as he sees them: "HARRY! HERMIONE! [...] WE DID IT! WE WON!" (30.247). He's waving the silver Quidditch Cup over his head.
  • Harry and Hermione decide to wait a bit before breaking the news about Grawp to Ron.

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