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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Kreacher Comforts Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. What wizard tabloid does Luna Lovegood’s father edit?

The Prophet
The Quibbler
The Enquirer
The Star
Q. Harry, Ron, and Hermione start a secret group for what purpose?

To teach Defense Against the Dark Arts
To exclude Malfoy
To plan a surprise party for Dumbledore
To provide students with a private place to make out
Q. Who replaces Dumbledore as the head of Hogwarts?

Severus Snape
Cornelius Fudge
Arnold Schwarzenegger (not even a Dementor would mess with him)
Dolores Umbridge
Q. What compels Harry to rush to the Ministry of Magic?

He has a vision of Voldemort torturing Sirius
He really wants to patch things up between Percy and the Weasleys
He wants to confront Cornelius Fudge
He heard there is a raging party going on there
Q. How does Sirius Black die?

He is killed in a car accident (wasn’t wearing a seatbelt)
He isn’t really dead but has fallen into a deep sleep after eating a poisoned apple
He is killed by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange
He is killed by Voldemort