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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


by J.K. Rowling

Betrayal Quotes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Quote #1

"No," Harry said aloud, and they all looked at him, surprised. The firewhiskey seemed to have amplified his voice. "I mean… if somebody made a mistake," Harry went on, "and let something slip, I know they didn't mean to do it. It's not their fault," he repeated, again a little louder than he would usually have spoken. "We've got to trust each other. I trust all of you, I don't think anyone in this room would ever sell me to Voldemort." (5.119)

Harry's unwilling to entertain the idea that anyone in the Order would betray him. And he's right – in a struggle like this, trust, faith, and loyalty are all they have.

Quote #2

Lupin was wearing an odd expression as he looked at Harry. It was close to pitying.

"You think I'm a fool?" demanded Harry.

"No, I think you're like James," said Lupin, "who would have regarded it as the height of dishonor to mistrust his friends." (5)

This comment has a sting – after all, James and Lily were betrayed by their trusted friend, Peter Pettigrew. However, Harry holds firm, and continues to keep his faith in his friends and loved ones.

Quote #3

You gave Ron the Deluminator. You understood him… You gave him a way back…

And you understood Wormtail, too… You knew there was a bit of regret there, somewhere…

And if you knew them… What did you know about me, Dumbledore?

Am I meant to know, but not to seek? Did you know how hard I'd find that? Is that why you made it this difficult? So I'd have time to work that out?

Harry's grief and frustration over Dobby's death erupts in this stream of mental questions, directed at Dumbledore. Why, he wonders, couldn't his old mentor simply have revealed more? Why has Harry been so left in the dark about his own destiny?

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