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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Chapter 5 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Fallen Warrior

  • After a crash landing in a pond, Harry crawls over to Hagrid – he doesn't look good. A man and woman call out to them, asking if he's Harry Potter, and he passes out before he can answer.
  • Harry regains consciousness in an unfamiliar house – he's tended to by Ted Tonks, Nymphadora Tonks's father. Hagrid is fine, and Mr. Tonks tells Harry to relax.
  • Harry relates the Death Eater attack, and Mr. Tonks is relieved that the protective charms on the house held out.
  • Hagrid appears, followed by Mrs. Tonks – who Harry mistakes for her evil sister, Bellatrix Lestrange. She's taken a little aback.
  • Mrs. Tonks asks what happened to their daughter; Harry and Hagrid don't know. The Tonks parents are worried, but stick to the plan – they send Harry and Hagrid to the Burrow via Portkey (in this case, a hairbrush).
  • Harry and Hagrid arrive at the Burrow, where Ginny and Mrs. Weasley greet them, panicked. Nobody else has returned yet. Two Portkeys have returned without their parties (Ron and Tonks, and Mr. Weasley and Fred).
  • Lupin and George arrive right on Harry and Hagrid's heels. George is bleeding profusely – one of his ears has been severed. In the flurry of activity, Lupin grabs Harry to make sure he's the real Harry by asking him an identity-verifying question about their past.
  • Harry is confused by how the Death Eaters knew about the plan – surely none of the Order of the Phoenix would betray them! He tells Lupin about his close call with Voldemort.
  • Harry explains that he had tried Expelliarmus – his trademark Disarming spell – on Stan, since Stan is clearly acting under the Imperius curse. Lupin figures out that this is how he revealed himself as the real Potter, since other (normal) people know that this is the time for more powerful, harmful curses in the heat of battle.

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  • Harry retorts that Disarming worked on Voldemort before… but Lupin keeps trying to convince him that it's no longer the best move to make.
  • Their argument is broken up by the appearance of Hermione and Kingsley. Kingsley is furious about their apparent betrayal; nobody can figure out how the Death Eaters knew when they would be moving Harry.
  • Lupin tells them about Harry's run-in with Stan and Voldemort, and Kingsley explains that there was a mass break-out from Azkaban, in which Stan, among others, escaped – of course, it's been hushed up by the Ministry of Magic, which is now run by the Death Eaters.
  • Lupin explains that Severus Snape was responsible for cursing off George's ear. George's ear is permanently gone, but at least he's alive and otherwise all right.
  • Mr. Weasley and Fred are the next to return – at the appearance of his twin, George rouses himself enough to make a cheesy joke, which must mean he's OK.
  • Tonks and Ron appear next – they were detained for a while by Bellatrix (Tonks's aunt), who's apparently out to get Tonks. (We remember from The Half-Blood Prince that Bellatrix killed their cousin Sirius, and for that, Tonks is out to get her. Apparently, the feeling is mutual.)
  • Bill and Fleur finally return with terrible news – the legendary Mad-Eye Moody is dead.
  • Everyone raises a solemn toast to Mad-Eye.
  • Nobody can figure out how the Death Eaters knew about the Order's plan to move Harry that night. Harry firmly believes that nobody in the Order would sell him out.
  • Lupin obliquely reminds Harry that his father, James, had the same trusting attitude towards his own friends, which ended up leading to his demise (he was betrayed by Peter Pettigrew, one of his "best" friends).
  • Plans are made for recovering Mad-Eye's body. Harry also wants to go, but he's obviously not allowed.
  • Harry is full of rage and frustration. He tries to explain what happened when he "fought" Voldemort off – his wand acted by itself. But nobody believes him.
  • Harry's scar pains him (a sign that something's up with Voldemort, as we know from past books), and he goes outside to be alone. Suddenly, the pain is incredible – and he sees a vision of Voldemort torturing the old wandmaker, Mr. Ollivander. Voldemort is apparently also mystified by the incident with Harry's wand.
  • Ron and Hermione come out to find him, and Harry tells them about his most recent vision. Hermione is terrified; she reminds him that he's supposed to work on cutting off his psychic connection with Voldemort.

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