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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


by J.K. Rowling

Education Quotes in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

How we cite our quotes: (chapter.paragraph)

Quote #1

"Yes, I think it is time that I took a greater hand in your education." (4.215)

What kind of education does Harry receive at Hogwarts? What does he learn to do, what skills does he hone? Do you consider learning everything there is to know about Voldemort "education"?

Quote #2

"I know I messed up Ancient Runes," muttered Hermione feverishly, "I definitely made at least one serious mistranslation. And the Defense Against the Dark Arts practical was no good at all. I thought Transfiguration went all right at the time, but looking back–" (5.220)

Hermione is one intense cookie when it comes to school, but that's why she's the best in her year, as Harry tells Slughorn. What does her feverish desire to learn and excel tell us about Hermione? Does she only care about grades, or is she concerned about learning too? How do Ron, Hermione, and Harry's approaches to school differ?

Quote #3

"Harry looked back down at his results. They were as good as he could have hoped for. He felt just one tiny twinge of regret….This was the end of his ambition to become an Auror. He had not secured the required Potions grade. He had known all along that he wouldn't, but he still felt a sinking in his stomach as he looked again at that small black E." (5.248)

Why does Harry want to become an Auror? We all know the feeling of what it's like to get a bad grade, but Harry hasn't gotten a bad grade, he just hasn't gotten the best grade needed in order to advance. We think Professor McGonagall is pretty awesome for mentoring and advising Harry to continue his path toward becoming an Auror.

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