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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


by J.K. Rowling

Lies and Deceit Quotes in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Quote #4

To Harry's surprise, Hermione turned a very deep shade of pink at these words. Ron noticed nothing; he was too busy describing each of his other penalties in loving detail. (11.75)

Hermione rigged the Gryffindor tryouts so that Ron could make the team and become keeper! Gasp! Our jaw has dropped. This is very uncharacteristic behavior for Hermione Granger. And, as she constantly rails on Harry for using the Half-Blood Prince's textbook, we can't help but think about this moment of dishonesty. She's a great witch, but she knows when to use and when not to use her magic. The Quidditch field is definitely a place not to use magic. What does this moment tell us about Hermione?

Quote #5

"I didn't put it in!" said Harry, grinning broadly. He slipped his hand inside his jacket pocket and drew out the tiny bottle that Hermione had seen in his hand that morning. It was full of golden potion and the cork was still tightly sealed with wax. "I wanted Ron to think I'd done it, so I faked it when I knew you were looking." He looked at Ron. "You saved everything because you felt lucky. You did it all yourself." (14.178)

How much did you love this moment in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? We agreed with Hermione at first and got ourselves worked up a bit thinking that Harry would use such a priced possession as a good luck potion on a Quidditch match. Not only is that illegal and bad sportsmanship, it's kind of a waste of good luck. But the fact that Harry only pretended to put the potion in Ron's pumpkin juice tells us that he knows his best friend to be capable of greatness on the Quidditch field. And Ron's performance during this particular match shows us that he has greatness inside of him. Most importantly, Ron learns what he's capable of, he learns that success is almost entirely due to confidence and the belief that you can and will win. Harry is so darn clever sometimes, and we love that he used deception in a good way.

Quote #6

"Yeah, well, never mind that," said Harry quickly. "The point is, Filch is being fooled, isn't he? These girls are getting stuff into the school disguised as something else! So why couldn't Malfoy have brought the necklace into the school – ?" (15.26)

If Filch is the only surveillance system at Hogwarts, we're a little troubled. Disguise is another form of deception that someone within the Hogwarts walls is using to his or her advantage. But this brand of deception isn't good, as it is causing harm to others.

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