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by Gary Paulsen

Hatchet Resources


Gary Paulsen's Home—er, House?—at Random House

There's lots of juicy information here, including Paulsen's Iditarod journal, a list of the books he's written, and his top ten "survival tips."

How to Build a Lean-To

Step by step instructions (with lots of photos) on how to build an emergency shelter from dead branches and leaves. Just in case you ever find yourself on a plane with a pilot whose clock is ticking.

Movie or TV Productions

A Cry in the Wild (1990)

Although this movie adaptation of Hatchet has a screenplay co-written by Gary Paulsen, it lacks the intensity of the book and is disappointingly dull. It does offer quite a lot of nice scenery, though. Hey, it's something.

Articles and Interviews

Interview with the Author

Get some answers straight from the author's mouth.

This is Your Life, Gary Paulsen

This article, written by educator and author Jim Trelease, is a fantastic overview of Paulsen's life and writing. And what a life (and writing!) he had.

Profile of Gary Paulsen

In this New York Times profile, Paulsen talks about his childhood, why he doesn't like grown-ups, and a bear's preferred way of eating people (definite yuck warning).

National Geographic Kids Interviews Gary Paulsen

Kids take the lead in this interview with the author.


"You can be the most popular person in the world—a bear will still eat your head."

In this video produced by his publisher in 2010, Gary Paulsen talks about how he became a writer, what it's like to run the Iditarod, and why fame isn't important to him.

Gary Paulsen: Part 1

Check out this video of Gary Paulsen talking about how libraries saved his life and what it was like to be in the army at the age of 17.

Gary Paulsen: Part 2

Paulsen talks about learning to run dogs for the Iditarod.


Gary Paulsen Interview

In this audio interview, Paulsen talks about his childhood, how he became a writer, and why he writes for children instead of adults. Just don't let your parents listen to this one, kids—it's kind of insulting to grown-ups.

Drumming Up a Mate

This audio recording from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology lets you hear the odd drumming sound male ruffed grouse make when searching for a mate. Way cool.


Gary Paulsen

Does this picture just scream "rugged," or what?

A Hatchet

A picture of a hatchet, just like good old Brian's.

Hatchet, the 20th Anniversary Edition

Here's our book, all dressed up and pretty for its birthday.

Ruffed Grouse

A photograph of a ruffed grouse, the "foolbird" that Brian learns to hunt with his spear.

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