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Hathor's Wall


is still unsure if Horus is her son or her husband. It's been 3,000 years… and she's still not sure.

likes this.

likes this.

slapped Hathor with a hawk's wing.

I'm totally getting a blinged out "Eye of Re" chain for my birthday! (Hint, hint, Dad).

Why do you need something else shiny? Don't you already have a bazillion necklaces?

You're dead. Why do you care?

I'm the king of the dead. There's a difference.

is getting her makeup done. Cat eyes, anyone?

likes this.

Ramses II

Hey, mama! I know they call the pharaoh the "son of Hathor" and all, but you were looking pretty nice in that festival procession. What do you say you and I go hang out under a palm tree?

Queen Nefertari

dislikes this.

Uh… maybe another time.

Priestess of Hathor

Your Majesty, what would you like us to serve you at your next festival?

likes this.


How about hamburgers? Ha, ha.

You'd better watch it, Tut.

Dude. I'm sooooo hung over from last night.

Me, too. Best. Night. Ever.

Let's do it again tonight! The Theban bars are awesome.

likes this.

is watching Law and Order: Special Cows Unit.

threw a papyrus stalk at Hathor.

I think I have a crush on Justin Bieber. Those dance moves… I can't help myself.

Who's he?

He's this yummy little mortal with a comb-over. His new video is awesome.

Send me the link.

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