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by Carol Ann Duffy

Havisham Marriage Quotes

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Quote #4

[…] Love's
hate behind a white veil; a red balloon bursting
in my face. Bang. I stabbed at a wedding-cake.

Here Miss H shares her thoughts on marriage: Behind all love is hate. The buoyant red balloon of marriage will eventually burst with a bang. Even the wedding cake deserves to be stabbed. Miss Havisham has no faith in marriage at all, it seems.

Quote #5

Give me a male corpse for a long slow honeymoon. (15)

Miss H imagines a honeymoon with a corpse. Just what does she want to do with the corpse? Well, we don't really want to know, but she clearly sees her possibilities for another marriage (and any sort of a normal life) as dead. Frankly, honeymoon with a corpse might not be any worse than anything else that's happened to her.

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