Head Like a Hole
Head Like a Hole
by Nine Inch Nails
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Head Like a Hole Video & Audio

"Head Like A Hole" Live

This excellent fan edit, from the recent Lights In The Sky tour, shows off the heavier feel that the band gives the song in live performances.

"Head Like A Hole" ACCORDION!

SXSW brings you the only accordion version of "Head Like A Hole" that you'll ever hear.

AFI's "Head Like A Hole"

This cover is a whole lot heavier than Pretty Hate Machine's.

Still Remains' "Head Like A Hole"

It shouldn't surprise you that this doesn't sound too different from AFI's cover.

"Head Like A Hole" Music Video

Eric Zimmerman's music video, very cool, with cybernetic heads, tribal dancing, and dread-locked Trent Reznor.

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