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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


by Carson McCullers

Biff Brannon Timeline and Summary

  • When our story begins, Biff is spending a very long night people-watching at the New York Café. He takes a special interest in both Mick Kelly and Singer.
  • After Jake gets into a fist-fight, Biff hooks him up with Singer so Jake has a place to crash. Then the next day, he helps Jake find a job. Nice enough for you?
  • Unexpectedly, Biff's wife Alice dies in the fall.
  • He spends time with his sister-in-law, Lucile, and his niece, Baby, on the day of the funeral, and he continues to see them regularly afterwards.
  • Biff starts to redecorate his apartment and begins using various feminine toiletries, like perfume. He also starts making window displays at his restaurant.
  • Biff spends most of his time pondering life's mysteries and more specifically, the mystery of Singer.
  • In usual nice-guy fashion, he writes a letter on Willie's behalf after Willie gets arrested. And continuing the streak, he later supports Lucile and tries to act as a mediator after Bubber shoots Baby. He even goes with the Kellys and Singer to track down Bubber after he runs away.
  • Biff hires Harry Minowitz to work in the Café and he handles Singer's affairs after his suicide.
  • After reaching out to Jake, Biff is the last person that Jake sees before he leaves town.
  • At the end, Biff continues his deep thoughts: he ponders whether or not he should leave his Café open, he feels that his love for Mick is over, and he wonders about his future.