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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


by Carson McCullers

Jake Blount Timeline and Summary

  • Jake arrives in town and goes on a drinking bender, running up a huge tab at the New York Café.
  • One night, he drags Doctor Copeland into the Café against his will, spouts off Communist ideas, befriends Singer, and gets into a brawl. Quite a night.
  • He crashes at Singer's place and is stunned to learn the next day that Singer is deaf and mute.
  • Jake lands a job as a mechanic at the Sunny Dixie Show.
  • He tries to stop drinking, without much success.
  • Then he tries to spread the socialist word in town, also with limited success. Not a great run for this guy. (As goes the whole novel…)
  • Jake meets Simms, a crazy itinerant preacher, with whom he often argues.
  • When he finds out what happened to Willie, Jake is compelled to action.
  • He has a long conversation about politics with Doctor Copeland, but he ends up storming out after the argument heats up.
  • After a deadly riot at the Sunny Dixie Show, Jake leaves town. Where do you think he's headed?