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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


by Carson McCullers

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Part 1: Chapter 6 Summary

  • It's mid-summer now, and Singer is a really popular dude. Mick, Doctor Copeland, Jake, and even Biff come to see him on a regular basis. They talk and talk and talk and are certain that Singer understands them.
  • On the nights where Singer doesn't get a visitor, he goes to the movies alone.
  • In July, Singer leaves abruptly to go visit Antonapoulos. His four frequent visitors are startled and upset by his absence, but Singer is beyond thrilled to see his friend. Antonapoulos hasn't changed at all.
  • Singer gives his friend lots of fancy gifts, including monogrammed nightshirts and a red bathrobe.
  • The two guys talk non-stop, and Singer tells his friend all about his visitors.
  • "There was so much to say that his hands could not shape the signs with speed enough. His green eyes burned and sweat glittered on his forehead. The old feeling of gaiety and bliss was so quick in him again that he could not control himself." (1.6.12)
  • Singer gets permission to take his friend out of the asylum for the afternoon.
  • After their dinner, Singer has to lure Antonapoulos back into the cab with a bottle of whiskey. He tosses the bottle after Antonapoulos gets inside, and Antonapoulos weeps angrily.
  • At the end of the night, Singer returns home sadly with his hands stuffed in his pockets again.
  • His visitors come again regularly, and "they felt that the mute would always understand whatever they wanted to say to him. And maybe even more than that." (1.6.19)

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