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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


by Carson McCullers

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Part 2: Chapter 12 Summary

  • Since the weather is warm again, the Sunny Dixie Show is always crowded.
  • Jake (who's still working there) tries to stop drinking, but the withdrawal is awful. He starts having very strange, vivid dreams about wandering through a crowd.
  • Eventually, he meets the dude who wrote the graffiti on the wall. Unfortunately, the guy is a religious zealot, a fanatic named Simms.
  • Jake is disappointed – he hates Simms. In fact, he likes to torment Simms and make him scream. Very nice, Jake.
  • One day in April, a white girl with a hunchback and a black girl get into a fight over a ticket and nearly come to blows.
  • As it turns out, Jake has to bust up fights quite a bit at the Show. Of course, he also starts some, too.
  • At one point, he hears two guys who work at the show gossiping about him and calling him a crazy "Red Bolshevik" – they say that's he's pathetic and hilarious. Jake gets really upset and confronts them.
  • Not so surprisingly, Jake starts drinking again.
  • One night, he goes out into the street outside his apartment and starts screaming about how everyone is stupid and no one sees the truth.
  • His neighbors tell him to shut up.
  • Later in April, Jake finds the body of a young black man who has been murdered. (Never a dull moment around these parts.)
  • Time goes on, and Jake spends most of it in an alcoholic daze.
  • One day he goes to visit Singer and learns that Willie has come home. Jake wants to go see him and talk to him: he has the sudden urge to go on a justice crusade.
  • And so, Singer takes Jake over to the Copeland house.

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